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Dec 8, 2013 1:00am EST
at a consulting firm in super cisco. i was wracked with guilt and struggling almost from the get-go. but over the years i figure darrell i thought i had figured it out to put my guilt in a box and took class is on the anxiety management and then i had another baby. this takes place after i return from maternity leave with an older kid and a young babies live happily working four days a week i had one more child dead when they worked five days. we were moving as fast as we could be yes certain tasks were still not getting done. jake was behind on his immunizations and i needed a new class as we were all overdue for a trip to the dentist. there is a school play the same day as the parent teacher conference. when presuppose to make time for the of living a normal life but it did not fit into our normal life? then every had to refinance the mortgage and pick up dry cleaning or get the wailes change, organized family photos come again stamps, a tax is ready, but rsvp for other parties, a birthday parties and shop around for insurance and stocks the earthquake kits and take caribe tuzes live lesson
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
english child, the cisco kid and champion and all of those kinds of programs. so i entered the united states. the time of blame in washington state. the first time i remember seeing , the incident as its i looked bewildered. stopped and picked me up. so would you like to come to seattle. that was the beginning of a series of unbelievable things which -- i visited every single state in the union, well, at least a lie, everyone in the continental u.s. i traveled -- i think it was about 38,000 miles. and everyone, without exception was kind inhospitable and generous. i mean, i remember one occasion to south of san francisco. i was trying to get a ride. good southdown to los angeles, could not get a ride. all night, left standing there. about five in the morning, police car stopped and said, was i having trouble. no problem. don't worry. alicante. he invited me to the squad car and took me out to the police station. the staff sergeant and took my fingerprints. why not read these charming little metal bracelets. he didn't. and then he took me on his family. had a shower, breakfast. he took
Dec 3, 2013 8:00am EST
. the price goes up, right? because everyone's the same goods. by cisco up. right now that it is printing $85 billion a day so we have more money. the economy is not growing by 85 billion a month. so what happens to that money? i see they have a trick up their sleeves the it doesn't actually go to purchase more goods. where is it going? where's the 85 billion actually going? some is going into the stockmarket, which is partially why using the stock market go up. and part of it is going into we're? into bank reserves. thanks for putting it into a saving account and the fed is thinking interest on that significant to the fact is printing money on one hand and paying people to keep in the reserves on the other. the money is not entering the u.s. economy which is one of the reasons prices are not going up despite the fact we have the same number of goods with more money chasing it. current event. so money, you want it to be something precious, something that's hard to come by, something that grows only so much. and you don't want it to be plentiful. you want it to have some value that people have
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3